BytesCanada Inc.

ようこそ。We offer Internet Safety information for adults and children. We offer assistance and information on cyberstalking, child pornography, viruses, and other internet and internet safety issues. We feature a kids internet safety section.

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The site is being prepared now. Please wait even for beginning of opening to the public for a while.


Announcement!! BytesCanada Inc is moving to Toronto Ontario and is under a new President and Board of Directors. The former President and Executive Director has left this position for personal reasons and is now heading up our Proactive Services Division. The new President and Executive Director of BytesCanada Inc. is Justin Blathwayt and we congratulate him on accepting this new and exciting challenge. If you would like to become a member of the BytesCanada Inc. board of Directors or for more information on these changes you can contact Mr. Blathwayt at Thank you. BytesCanada Inc. is a registered non-profit organization specializing in advanced hi-tech child protective support services. We support a multi-tiered system to protect children; bringing those individuals that abuse children to justice and through education, empowering children to say no to abuse. To date we have assisted in the identification / prosecution of more than 1500 child pornographers & pedophiles, the seizure of more than 2,000,000 video's and images of child pornography and have assisted in the rescue of numerous victimized children around the globe.

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